Sing for Water concert fundraising – update

In case anyone didn’t see the message from Hanna   We have now raised over £2,000 for WaterAid which is brilliant Thank you so much for your help with this project – it takes £15 […]

Paying donations / sponsor money to Water Aid

If you have donations or sponsor money collected for the Sing for Water event then you can either pay that money straight into their account or pay in in by ‘phone using your own credit/debit […]

Well done to everyone involved in today’s Sing for Water and especially thank you to Hannah for organising it. Wonderful to gather together with other local singers – especially as the rain held off. My […]

Last few rehearsal tracks uploaded

I’ve just put up the last few tracks for the Sing for Water event. I turn on the tap (full choir and bass), Njets Voda (full choir), Limpopo River Song (bass) and Follow the Heron […]