Water of Life rehearsal track added

Sue Harris’ “Water of Life” track which we recorded last week has just arrived from Mary. The whole choir/soprano/alto/tenor lines are there – the bass line is (a) obvious and (b) we sang it about […]

More Water Aid goodies

I’ve updated the Water Aid page to include links to the charity website for further information and somewhere you can get a copy of the sponsorship form. I’ve also put up the “Sing Up” version […]

Downloading and playing the rehearsal tracks

I’ve had a couple of questions from people about how to get hold of the tracks once we’ve put them up on the website. You really have two choices – you can play them directly […]

“Water” rehearsal tracks now available

The five rehearsal tracks for Mary’s “Water” (from Precious Bane) – all, soprano, alto, tenor and bass – are now available for download from the “Sing for Water 2012” section of the members-only area.   […]